Saturday, October 20, 2018


Changes in life are inevitable!
We just can't believe that our apartment were sold with in just two weeks, when we changed the real estate company! We moved to a big city, where I feel I belong.  I know more people in this city right now than I ever knew the entire time that I lived in eastern France. I feel excited and happy about this new adventure, but I also have some moments of fear, frustration and irritation. Not because of the disruption of what was my routine for the past 11 years, but because of my state of health that made every single detail of the move difficult and caused everything in my entire body to hurt.
We arrived in Lyon during a heat wave!
I felt awful, so very bad with no energy to think, much less move my own body!
I needed to find a new doctor, physiotherapist, acupuncturist and osteopathy in order to get on my feet, because, the pain level has become intolerable.
Even though we hired professionals to handle the move, I still wanted to take care of some of my personal belongings.  
We’re almost finished unpacking our boxes of belongings. My tiny studio here, in which I now share with my family’s computer, is nice and very bright.
My bench is already messy, full of raw brass sheets.
Not only have I moved, but I have made some significant changes in my jewelry.
As jewelry makers, we like to constantly freshen up our designs, and  keep exploring, and this requires both a sustained and a lapse of time.
I took advantage of this period to finally use my brass metal sheets and other brass findings that I have been hoarding for a longtime!

Brass has been said to have the ability to attract health and wealth.  It is also has significance for good communication with others.
Here are a few brass pieces that I patinaed naturally with vinegar and salt.

Quirky,unique and eye-catching.
Rugged treasure for free-spirited beautiful adventurous soul.
Moon & Cat
Feminine essence, fertility, abundance and perfection of transformation.
Antler & copper. A magical Energy.
Half moon &  paper collage style.
Dedicated to the crazy cat ladies in our lives.
Modern & Contemporary, Boho Hip Earrings.
Rich & Mysterious.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by.  

Merci beaucoup.


  1. Change is a good thing, especially when you love your new surroundings! It's interesting that I consider myself a city girl even nowadays, when most people choose the quiet of the countryside. I do hope that you find the right people to help you cope with your health issues and keep you inspired! Judging from your new earrings, that have both organic and industrial chic about them, you ARE inspired :)

  2. Awesome post, Solange! I'm happy that you moved in a place where you feel like you belong and you're surrounded by friends and family - after all, that's what matters the most. Loving your brass collection: gorgeous, rustic patinas and clean, contemporary lines - beautiful work! Happy holidays, be well and stay inspired!! xoxo