Sunday, May 28, 2017

The sense of simplicity

I am working on another series of earrings.  However, I paused working on them for a moment to make these necklaces. Each of  necklaces has an African mask within the design.
I love masks and I even collected them.  In many culture masks express illusion, but also  symbolize power, and strength, embody beauty and dread.
The African mask acts as a bridge between nature and culture.
Masks are used in ceremonial events.  But beyond that, it has an aesthetic appeal. It seems strange that it can be so beautiful and graceful and yet powerful. It has an extraordinary presence.
Each is made with beads I got from my Grandmother.  

In a meditative state, I made these necklaces that resonate with history and African rich culture. Stay tuned for more about the story behind masks!
Lovely summery blue green vintage glass beads are combined with chrysocolla gemstones with repurposed  vintage Tibetan beads for an organic look.
This necklace has an eye-catching bold and beautiful color. The design is simplistic yet bold and has an extraordinary presence about it. The bronze mask is handmade using the technic of the lost wax.
Simple and warm eartth tones make this red necklace stand out! Featuring red agate and African vintage glass beads for that rustic and organic feel of African soil.
Elegant and beautiful colors juxtaposed with simple and soft design. I just love the blend of colors, materials and textures here. The rustic bauxite is prefectly paired with soft blue vintage glass beads that you can wear anytime. They blend together so well!

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