Sunday, January 15, 2017

Solange,Stop buying beads!!!

On this beautiful sunny cold day, I couldn't help but to walk a little further than usual.

I don't often go to this side of the city.  I don't know why because it is on the same street as the bakery in which I buy my daily baguette.  The name of this side of  the sreet is different though ^^.

For some reason,  I decided to change my habit and I went further than the covered market which is also in the same street  "Rue des quatres églises". I always ask myself , why is there no church in a street called "Rue des quatres églises" (Four Churches street )?

So I googled it and this what it said: "The street owes its denomination to the presence of four places of prayers on its course in 1728, they changed this name to "Rue de la revolution" in 1791 and in 1814, they changed it again to its actuel name".

Well, after the small historical interruption concerning "La rue des Quatre-Eglises, let us return to what brought us here!
Last summer, I came across a Tibetan shop and I was kind of reluctant  to go inside but I entered it anyway.. And I am glad I did because the owner is a nice and sympathetic man.

So, since I had some spare time before the next thing on my busy "to do list" (I am always have  a million thing to do, I know I should slow down a little bit)  I decided to  take a moment to go inside this shop  to see everything it had to offer .  I couldn't help myself  not to hoard all the marvelous treasures it had. The truth is that, the prices were very appealing because it is winter sales time here! :)
I really enjoyed the store. Going out of my usual area was a good thing.
However,  I have discovered another place to buy beads. I must stop buying beads.

Solange, stop buying beads! Lol.

I am already working with these treasures and I can't wait to share it with you! 

Aren't these Tibetan beads gorgeous and worth the visit?

Tibetan Repoussee Pendant Prayer Box, Brass Repoussee Pendant and  Dorje Brass hollow pendant

"Repoussee is a method of embossing a metal sheet (silver, copper, brass) by punching and hammering a design from the back, then polishing it up in front with a chasing hammer, producing a three-dimensional bas-relief surface."

"The dorje or thunderbolt is a symbol of divine power and the wisdom of the Buddha".

Red. Red is amongst my favorite colours. Seriously, look at these!
Aren't they the prettiest with the murrini!

They are definitely worth the detour!

Naga conch shell beads inlaid with crushed coral and turquoise
They are so smooth beads!!!
I have always wanted these naga conch beads but they are so expensive so I could never afford it until today. They are still expensive but this was my only chance to have them for my own. :)

When I visited Ghana, I was on a mission to find a variety of Krobo beads that I had invisioned in my head.  We searched and searched but I could not find the variety that I wanted.  I was told we could find what I wanted but we would need to travel to another city which meant we would have to drive 9 to 10 hours to get them.  Unfortunately, I wasn't in the mood and I needed to go back to Côte D'ivoire to catch my return flight, so instead I ordered these online.  So while it was worth the visit and definitely worth the detour, it was so much easier to order these Krobo beads online.  
Fish Vertebrae Bone Beads made in Senegal and recycled Krobo beads made in Ghana.

The reverse side of the repousse pendant is Ohm symbol.

I like to use handmade beads, recycled, upcycled and unique materials from around the globe to make my jewelry!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy New year 2017 !!!

Here we go with another year and all new resolutions.
I myself do not have any resolutions for this year other than to be in a good health again, or at least be able to work properly and do basic things in life - without pain. I want to hike in the mountains, run, dance, go to the beach to collect shells, beach glass, and driftwood. I want to sleep. I want to be able to walk around the city without getting tired so easily just like I used to.  I want to be able to eat like everyone else.  I want to be able to eat rice again.  Etc...etc...etc... Because, if we have a good heatlh, everything else goes easily and smoothly in the perfect world!
Well, I still have my beautiful smile and for that, I am thankful! Lol
I wish you and your family a very happy New Year. Good Health, Peace, Prosperity in everything you do!

A variety of earrings made with handmade ceramic, lampwork beads and vintage flower headpins.

I am in  love with these simple but magnific pair of earrings. A lovely combinaison of Tibetan agate which are artfully accented with a beautiful ruby red hammered coin brass chain.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by!