Tuesday, August 30, 2016

AJE August Design Challenge - Art Headpins. Reveal day!

If you know my work, then you will know that this challenge is for me!!! :)
I haven't been on electronic devices for quite sometime now. And all my work has been in slow motion since then, especially my poor blog, which is my main way with Instagram to connect with other designers.
Last week, I was checking my blog when I came accross this challenge and it was like a "Calling" for me to get caught up with other designers!
The purpose is to create your own Art headpins component or use Art headpins in a finished piece of jewelry. 
I am a crazy lover of headpins and over the past years, I hoarded plenty of them. But like most beadalcoholics, I can't have ENOUGH headpins.
I even tried to make my own headpins with polymer clay, it wasn't a big success but they said "Practice makes perfect" so I will give it another try.
I used different styles and various headpins, from ceramic, polymer clay, paper to glass, all from very talented bead Artists.


When I first saw these headpins, I knew I must have them!
I really love the combo of the boro lampwork and gemstone.


This asymmetrical pair of earrings, evoke what is left of the encounter between the ocean and volcano, slag melting of the material, etc...
Organically shaped, these twisty headpins are adorned with vintage coconut roundelle beads, organic black tektite, handmade mismatched ancient looking ceramic bead with hole,tumbled lava beads all dangling from handmade rustic Kazuri sterling silver finding.

Here is a glance of my own headpins. I painted some of them with Swellegant paint, acrylic paint and some are not painted.


I used the headpin's wire to shape the earrings on which I strung tiny seed beads and Rainbow Mystic Pyrite nugget beads. I finished them by wire wrapping with flattened antique copper wire to give them a more rustic look.


Beautiful combo of red artisan ceramic bud headpins with a unique organic pattern, adorned with handmade lampwork and red agate gemstone all dangled from artisan made antique copper finding.
This mismatch was not intended!
 By trying again and again to make it perfect, I broke the wire ( that happens sometimes when you work again and again with wire) I left it this way because I did not want to do some additional unintended things. I finally like them this way!

Bantu Efua

I made these gorgeous pair of earrings with dark charcoal  glass headpins which have a highly rough texture with very little bits of shine on them with tiny silver specks. I like how the brass caps topped with lava beads balanced so well together to make them so elegant.
 A year ago, I used the same caps in one of my earring designs and the result here is completly different!


I started with the flattened headpins that I made with dark annealed steel wire.  I told you, I am a crazy lover of headpins and I am always happy when I can achieve to make one myself! Not very fancy headpins but I love them!
This pair of earrings is sure to be a show stopper! :)
I used weathered looking turquoise crackle bead caps all the way from South Africa, balanced with turquoise, petrified wood, Indonesian glass, etc...


I simply adorned the polymer clay headpins with handmade lampwork and my own coiled wire topped with gemstone beads.


I find that by shaping and simply dangling the headpins with these lovely Tibetan beads added a Southern accent to this design.


This unusual pair is a result of one headpin refusing to be like the other. That's what Kim wrote about the headpins but  she decided to pair them anyway.
I emphasized this difference by using handmade mismatched ceramic beads ,
which balanced so well and bring a very delicious harmony to these asymmetrical earrings.
If we all were alike, the world would have been so monotous!!!

Well, I really tried hard to limit myself, otherwise I was going to show you all of my headpin collection! :)

As always, Thank you so much for stopping by!

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