Monday, June 1, 2015

Magical Spell of Gemstones

I  have been in the process of creating a lot of earrings, 10 pair of earrings mostly with gemstone beads. I know, I know... you are thinking "but she always uses gemstone beads in a her creations so that's nothing new". Yes, you are right, but this time I am using a pair of gemstones as the main focal.
I find it very calming and relaxing when working with stone. I have been praticing meditation recently.  It is kind of hard to be totally focused but I am getting there slowly.  
 Honestly, this moment of mindfulness is nourishment for my soul, my body, and a peaceful interval of time with my inner me, and a source of inspiration that connects me to the beginning of all.  There is no secret to meditation but to practice.  Practice is the best way to learn anything and everything!!!  Thank you to Mary Jane for being my long distance teacher. I appreciate so much all of your advice. :)
I always intentionally work with specific purpose and awareness of color combinations and harmony with the materials.

                                                                            Mind of a Wanderer

A lovely, alluring vibrant blue-green slab of chrysocolla gemstone dangling below a Indonesian tribal carved burnt orange tube bead. 

The more I learn about meditation, the more I know that we are all connected in this world. I now remember a ritual practiced by the elderly: give a small part of what you eat or drink to the Mother Earth, by spilling it on the ground and keep in touch with the spirit. That represents a sign of respect and heartfelt thanks to Mother Earth, the one which feeds us constantly.

I was in the mood for messy wire wrapping when I made these earrings.  When I am in this messy wire wrapping mood my hubby will always ask me if something is bothering me.  It is unusual when I do this so he notices. :)  Nope, I just feel the need to do messy wire wrapping and smash on copper or brass sheets sometimes!

I've had these gorgeous etched copper pieces by MaireDodd for almost 4 years now.  I kept them for myself but it was time to let them go.  I assembled them simply because they did not need much. I added messy wire wrapping with a natural nugget of turquoise and vintage brick red glass on oxidyzed pure copper wire

                                                                                Totally Asymmetrical

Nugget Ocean Jasper gemstone with druzy and lovely shades of green on an ivory base handmade lampwork beads. Another one of my old stuff, which need to find a new home now!  :)

                                                                              Beauty In ImperFecTion

Gorgeous Leopard Skin Jasper gemstone dangle below handmade lead nickel free Pewter charms

                              Tangled in Purple

Handmade withered gem cut ceramic beads with vintage text decals, Rainbow titanium quartz, handmade  tuxedo black, sterling silver, white and a hint of rose bicone  lampwork beads.

                                                                        Wanderlust Soul

Tribal yak bone mala Inlaid turquoise and coral Chips, chrysocolla gemstones and A pair of banded, oblong droppers hand formed in buff stoneware, grooved and fired with rock garden, Apple Green, Bora Bora, Jade, crackle glazes, and Bronze Clay.


A  pair of flat, glazed scales, hand formed in Southern ice Porcelain, that resemble fish scales fired with Bronze clay, Grapel and Sour Apple glazes, wire wrapped with oxidyzed pure copper wire.


Lemon Chrysoprase , rustic soft lime green glass organic, ethnic Indonesian Beads, purple Czech glass.

                                                                                   Vamos A La PlaYa
Handmade seafloor, shoreline shell in shade of  aqua with beautiful vivid red starfish and a little a touch of sand adorned with red red tube of lucite and hand dye horn beads.

Aqua green sea aquamarine tone rustic square barrel,recycled Indonesian glass and rainbow blue mystic titanium AB quartz crystal .