Sunday, October 25, 2015

Talisman, Amulette, Gris Gris.

Did you know that
 Petrified wood was once part of a tree?  Millions of years ago the forests covering Northern Arizona was buried under a sea of mud, sand, and volcanic ash. Silicate replaced the wood fibers and pressure formed the rock.
 The colors found in Arizona Petrified Wood are the result of various elements present in either the original wood or the silicate. 
Petrified Wood is amongst my favorite stones. When I think that something is from 50 - 200 million years old and once was a tree in a forest, and is now a stone that I use today as part of my work, it fills me with a satisfaction that I cannot explain.  At the same time I feel a great responsibility to use it in a way that brings out the beauty of the stone, in a way that would honor Mother Nature.  For those who wear the stone, the stone serves as: a reminder, a talisman, an amulet, a gris gris from Mother Earth, whose spirit is our medicine.  My purpose, with each item I make, is to make something in harmony with Mother Nature which will lift to whom it belongs spirit, something which will make them happy.  To make them happy feeds my soul - it is my medicine.  
I am a girl from the countryside, unconditionally a nature lover and each part of my work is a tribute to our land. Everything relative to nature is part of my life. I try to pay a deep respect to whatever I take from it each day, and take only what I need.

Petrified Wood, Handmade lampwork,Rustic Enamel copper, recyccled sari silk

Cherry Creek Jasper, the colorful new jasper found in Mainland China, also known as Red Creek Jasper, Vintage recycled vynil beads and swarovski Crystal.

Golden Pyrite gemstone, handmade lampwork, vintage enamel bead caps, Czech glass.

Cherry Creek Jasper, the colorful new jasper found in Mainland China, also known as Red Creek Jasper, Vintage recycled vynil beads and Vintage African glass.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Indian Summer Night, As seen in Jewelry Making Journal.

A pair of my earrings, Indian Summer Night, which was inspired by the Autumn landscape has been published in jewelry making journal.
Thank you very much to Rena the founder of this great online magazine and her team. Also special thanks to Alicia who guided me all long :)

Please visit their website and feel free to comment on my submitted piece.


 Multi-Color Picasso Jasper, Carved wood, vintage glass beads, hand formed dark annealed steel wire, and handmade lampwork beads

  I wanted to make this one very simple, I used this beautiful slab of Red River Jasper, which I topped with tribal resin textured beads.

Indian Summer Night

I made these earrings with my head full of New England's Fall scenery.  I thought back to when I was lucky enough to enjoy one of the most beautiful Fall landscapes while driving from NYC to Boston in October almost 10 years ago.  I can still remember all of the trees with all of the colors, shades of colors, the feeling of the air, the scents.  I used these memories to draw my inspiration for these earrings and then borrowed from Mother Nature to make them.  
I used gemstone beads, Mother Nature's artwork, in shades of the Autumn landscape during October, when the trees are full with all colors: green, gold, yellow, orange, rust.
I made them with green faceted nugget prehnite, a serene energy stone which helps to bring harmony with nature.  The beauty of Autumn and the crisp air makes me feel such a connection to nature and such a grounding that I feel a sense of calm and at the same time an energy and inspiration to create because of all the beauty that surrounds me.   I also used a carnelian stone in a rice shape, jasper, sodalite, goldstone gemstone, handmade tiny lampwork headpins, antique silver chain and charms and smoke topaz glass leaf charms beads.

Honestly, I don't know what to say about these earrings. I think it is better to let them speak by themselves.

Handmade lampwork beads, jasper beads,Vintage Copper Open Petal Flower Beads.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Earrings,イヤリング, Boucles D'oreille, σκουλαρίκια, oorbellen, ירינגז, Pendientes, 耳环, Ohrringe,الأقراط, øredobbe , कान की बाली, korvakorut, ,עגילים

Did I tell you that autumn is my favorite season? I think so! 
In the Fall, I lose myself  in the colour tranformation afoot  and in the trees and I love the cool crisp breezes.
With September is the beginning of subtle changes in the light.
 October is a symphony of permanent change, when the light from the sun plays its most beautiful rythmic light in bursts of colour.
Trees seem to show their most beautiful and festive wardrobes like they are going to a beauty contest. 
In the sound of the breeze, the wind's motion makes the dead leaves flutter about in the air in a whirl of freestyle dancing.  Softly, overhead, leaves carried by the wind, fall down.  

Fall really inspires me, it gets me motivated to design more.
                                                                    Autumn Fiesta.

Another colourful of my autumnal theme design.

 Timeless Lava Story

Slab nugget poppy jasper 33x14mm gemstones with some amazing patterns and a shades of green and dusty rose on a black a painting but this is Mother Nature's work, Vintage solide brass beads


Salvage solid copper hand shaped by me, metal were oxidized, polished and sealed with renaissance wax for preservation, Tribal yak bone mala, wood and seed beads

The Myth Of the Sahara desert

Rustic textured bird tracks Hand-cast charms, handmade matt glazed ethnic textured ceramic bead, raku and ivory lampwork spacers, Herkimer Diamond Quartz and vintage African glass beads.

Red Creek Jasper aka Matte Cherry Creek Jasper

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Festival de Couleur Automnal!

When I saw this stone, the design came naturally to me. It had its own way of telling me that it was our destiny to meet in person, kind of spiritual connection, a feeling.  :) I heard
clearly the call  of this stunning Picasso Jasper.

The Scent Of Fall

Do we all need some colours in our life? Yes, I think so! I had these ceramic dangles for sometime now and it appeared to me to add some colourful beads which was exactly what they
were waiting for

                                                                                Festival De Couleur

Black and white of course, A taste for everyone, and the earring studs make me think of Cruella from 101 Dalmations, anytime I look at it. :)

                                                                                                 Mystic Lady

In the mood for Sound and Movement? I lost myself with another ceramic dangle by Petra and the vintage Kuchi belly dance charms.

 Of course, I added my favorite gemstone Indigo blue rough Iolite

I haven't mastered the technique of making earrings with silk well enough so, I beg you to forgive me this draft. I practice every day . Practice makes perfect, like the proverb says!!!
I simply wire wrapped a recycled vintage sari silk aroung this slab of Arborization Opal with pure copper wire.