Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Earrings,イヤリング, Boucles D'oreille, σκουλαρίκια, oorbellen, ירינגז, Pendientes, 耳环, Ohrringe,الأقراط, øredobbe , कान की बाली, korvakorut, ,עגילים

Did I tell you that autumn is my favorite season? I think so! 
In the Fall, I lose myself  in the colour tranformation afoot  and in the trees and I love the cool crisp breezes.
With September is the beginning of subtle changes in the light.
 October is a symphony of permanent change, when the light from the sun plays its most beautiful rythmic light in bursts of colour.
Trees seem to show their most beautiful and festive wardrobes like they are going to a beauty contest. 
In the sound of the breeze, the wind's motion makes the dead leaves flutter about in the air in a whirl of freestyle dancing.  Softly, overhead, leaves carried by the wind, fall down.  

Fall really inspires me, it gets me motivated to design more.
                                                                    Autumn Fiesta.

Another colourful of my autumnal theme design.

 Timeless Lava Story

Slab nugget poppy jasper 33x14mm gemstones with some amazing patterns and a shades of green and dusty rose on a black base...like a painting but this is Mother Nature's work, Vintage solide brass beads


Salvage solid copper hand shaped by me, metal were oxidized, polished and sealed with renaissance wax for preservation, Tribal yak bone mala, wood and seed beads

The Myth Of the Sahara desert

Rustic textured bird tracks Hand-cast charms, handmade matt glazed ethnic textured ceramic bead, raku and ivory lampwork spacers, Herkimer Diamond Quartz and vintage African glass beads.

Red Creek Jasper aka Matte Cherry Creek Jasper


  1. Beautiful words about Fall. It is my favorite season too! I love the comfortable air and the stunning colors. Your new earrings are all beauties. The poppy jasper is very cool. Jaspers have always been my favorites with all the unique varieties! Gorgeous job with the salvaged copper.

  2. L'automne est également ma saison préférée et toutes ces boucles d'oreilles sont absolument magnifiques.