Friday, November 27, 2015

G I V E A W A Y !!!

I have been thinking of doing a giveaway a longtime ago now. But you all know how life goes, then some unexpected thing happened and I had to give them  piority instead.
Do we need a reason to do a giveaway? maybe yes, maybe no!
I don't have any particular reason this time but  simply the huge need to share what I have.

Anyone can enter the giveaway, even you gentlemen.
To enter, simply leave a comment here, follow my blog and my instagram account. If you're already following my work then just leave a comment.
Shares the giveaway in your blog  ( If you have one) and social media. If you share the giveaway then, please leave an extra comment telling me you havee done so, and I'll give you another entry.
The winner will be drawn at random on december 06, anyone who leaves a comment here and on my Instagram account.

The giveaway is a pair of earring or the beads here in the picture.
I ship everywhere in planet earth. :)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Earrings Again!!!

Sometime ago, when I was very active bead hunter, I was lucky enough to find some wonderful lampwork bead artists.
Unfortunately, some of them no longer make beads, this artist is amongst them.
I am so happy, our paths came crossed and I could afford at this particular moment to buy some of her beautiful creations.
At first sight of these beads, I saw a painting of contemporary art and my mind wandered to all of the museums I have visited.  I knew then that I must make them mine!
I made this design simple to show off the beauty of the "Painting beads".  

I paired them with red agate and my most beautiful, elegant twisted sterling silver ear hooks to complete the look .

My Physical Therapist is a very nice person because she has been asking me since a longtime ago, to display some of my earrings at her office.  I don't know why but I was kind of reluctant, then last year with Ebola hitting West Africa, I told her about me collecting money for Medecins Sans Frontière (Doctors Without Borders) and her answer was: "Yes, Solange it is time to use my office to sell your earrings".  
She is very involved with my efforts so when she was massaging her patients she told them about my quest to raise money to help Medecins Sans Frontière and that a portion of funds earned from the sale of the earrings displayed in her office would be donated to the this cause.  
This year, she asked me again to have my earrings display at her office, so I made sixteen pairs of earrings with gemstones and some with lampwork in minimalist eternal black and white colours. 

During this period, my Physical Therapist introduced one of her patients to me.  She loved my jewelry and since she owns her own shop, she said she would like to have some of my jewelry in her shop.
This year, she asked me to make earrings at very affordable prices for her christmas market in our city mall.
Well, I tried hard to make about twenty pair of earrings for her.