Thursday, October 15, 2015

Indian Summer Night, As seen in Jewelry Making Journal.

A pair of my earrings, Indian Summer Night, which was inspired by the Autumn landscape has been published in jewelry making journal.
Thank you very much to Rena the founder of this great online magazine and her team. Also special thanks to Alicia who guided me all long :)

Please visit their website and feel free to comment on my submitted piece.


 Multi-Color Picasso Jasper, Carved wood, vintage glass beads, hand formed dark annealed steel wire, and handmade lampwork beads

  I wanted to make this one very simple, I used this beautiful slab of Red River Jasper, which I topped with tribal resin textured beads.

Indian Summer Night

I made these earrings with my head full of New England's Fall scenery.  I thought back to when I was lucky enough to enjoy one of the most beautiful Fall landscapes while driving from NYC to Boston in October almost 10 years ago.  I can still remember all of the trees with all of the colors, shades of colors, the feeling of the air, the scents.  I used these memories to draw my inspiration for these earrings and then borrowed from Mother Nature to make them.  
I used gemstone beads, Mother Nature's artwork, in shades of the Autumn landscape during October, when the trees are full with all colors: green, gold, yellow, orange, rust.
I made them with green faceted nugget prehnite, a serene energy stone which helps to bring harmony with nature.  The beauty of Autumn and the crisp air makes me feel such a connection to nature and such a grounding that I feel a sense of calm and at the same time an energy and inspiration to create because of all the beauty that surrounds me.   I also used a carnelian stone in a rice shape, jasper, sodalite, goldstone gemstone, handmade tiny lampwork headpins, antique silver chain and charms and smoke topaz glass leaf charms beads.

Honestly, I don't know what to say about these earrings. I think it is better to let them speak by themselves.

Handmade lampwork beads, jasper beads,Vintage Copper Open Petal Flower Beads.


  1. The designs are so beautiful! Living in the Boston area my entire life, I sometimes forget to pay attention to the foliage! The colors are amazing.

  2. Really lovely post dear! Hope you have a fabulous day.

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  3. They are all so beautiful! Interesting, isn't it how inspiration continues to run through our veins no matter how long ago it originated... I feel the same way about all my travels and the beautiful sights seen. Enjoyed reading!! xo -- Julie