Sunday, March 4, 2018

A tribute to women

I have finally made my sister a necklace !
I don't really like malachite gemstones, so when my sister purchased malachite beads for me to make her a necklace, I told her that it might take me sometime to get inspired to make something with it.
Well it took me 3 years to work with malachite ! I even bought this handmade long drop brass bezel pendant and recycled Indonesian  glass beads, so it would help to inspire me to use these malachite beads. I came across the bag of malachite beads from the place which I hid them long ago when I was rearranging my studio.  And since my teenage son decided to visit my sister over winter break, I knew that was the opportunity for me to finally make her necklace so he could deliver it to her in person.
Well to my surprise, it only took an hour to finish ! Surprise!!!  On the other hand, unlike earrings, necklaces are very easy for me to make. But for some reason I take forever to achieve the perfectly, imperfect earrings.
Nakia, will love this green malachite necklace!
I really love these earrings. I made them with handmade charms with  a unique finish that is a mix of colors, including bronze, burnt copper, gold.
Handmade long bezel brass pendant
  A statement piece of tribal lucite beads, beautifully etched on each side are the perfect earrings to walk proud on the streets of Wakanda! 😊
A series of handmade earrings to brighten your Spring and Summer, that I called  Yellow Line Collection.
Arizona petrified wood, African fish vertebrae beads, raw citrine crystals that had a rough and wild cut, inherent with imperfections and a non-symmetrical shape which I wrapped and soldered. There is a very beautiful combination of color and materials on these rugged, untamed style of earrings; for the wild side that sleeps in your beautiful soul!
A statement pair of earrings with vintage silver Turkmen beads with a long geometric shape and a  flower stamped in the center as the focal.
Yellow Line Collection
If you haven't seen the movie Black Panther yet, you should go see it ASAP. There are so many reasons to see this movie!
Black panther has a feast of colors, and is a beautiful homage to many African cultures, by people of African decent!
One good reason to see the movie is that the women in the movie are so strong and empowered.  Especially at this time in the world when women are daring to speak loudly, it is good to see women that show their strength, power, tenacity and confidence. Ladies, here is another good reason for you to see the movie. If you are a jewelry designer, you will surely enjoy the visual effects but also because you will recognize some of the beads you use (or have used) in your jewelry making journey.  Or some of the African artifacts you have in your decor. 
I think I am going to go see it again! Lol. 
I am happy, I am proud, I am beyond ecstatic about black panther! :) I am so grateful to the wonderful people who made this possible!

Thank you


  1. I'm so in love with the rustic look of your jewelry! And those ethnic components look like they came from archaeological sites! I haven't seen the movie but I will have to after this tempting recommendation :)

  2. You have really done the malachite justice. I imagine your sister will love her new necklace and earrings! All your other earring are such pretties too. I have not seen Black Panther yet but looking forward to. I know I will love the fashion and jewelry.

  3. Solange my dear, how are you feeling? Better, I hope...miss you on Instagram.:) I love what I'm seeing here, you've been such a busy bee again!
    The set you made for your sis is absolutely gorgeous, she's so lucky to have a talented sister like you!

    The earrings where you used your own headpins are fantastic and love your Yellow Line Collection idea ( yellow is my fav color!) every piece in it looks fab!!!

    I'm going to look for that movie, thanks for the reco! Stay inspired!

    Love, Laura xo

  4. Oh my! Lovely pieces. And they are made with crystals, too! I'm into healing crystals and minerals so these are beautiful pieces for me!

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