Sunday, January 14, 2018

Happy New Year / Bonne et Heureuse Année!

Happy New Year to you all ! 
Good health first, foremost, and then all other things will smoothly follow!
To start out my New Year, I have decided to free myself of some of my beads that I have been hoarding for the last few years.
So here are different kind of destash of  beads  made up of handmade lampwork, ceramic, and even some Nepalese beads that I will list to my shop slowly. If you see any beads you would like to have, please contact me. I will be glad to make you a custom  listing for you. 

Let your imagination run wild with these fantastic beads.
Ocean Inspired Aqua teal Paua handmade lampwork and antique brass finding
Handmade boro lampwork.Borosilicate glass is known for it's mysterious color spectrum, clarity and strength, which makes it unique!
The colors in borosilicate glass tend to be more earthy while indoors and they pop and come alive in the sun.  Very beautiful shape! 
Handmade ruby red boro glass and Nepalese beads
Handmade boro lampwork
Handmade lampwork, ceramic beads and fluorite gemstones
Handmade beads made from earthenware.They have been hand painted with matt glazes, building up the layers to highlight the detailed texture. 
Would look great in a bracelet or earrings

Funky beads 22mm lentils and 7 by 10mm spacers with 2mm hole size done in southwest colors with stringer, dot and goldstone decoration. Each bead slightly different but great as a set. The Artist own handmade murrini accent the beads for that extra special look. 
Handmade glass beads are made with ivory and brown frit then pressed and hand shaped.
Bead size:  from 22 x 20 mm to 21 x 19mm and are 8mm thick with a 2 mm hole.
Sea star lampwork are made with Effetre glass in ivory, Aquamarine blue, raku frit and silver glass..
Measures; 19x23mm; 24x31mm ; 14x15 mm ; 15x17 mm
Gorgeous solid brass leaf stampings! They are the most realistic of stampings that I have seen. They have a natural copperish patina. Some have darkers spots of patina which just adds to them looking like real leaves. Beautiful veining and a slight inward fold. These beauties measure 47mm long and 15mm wide.
A wearable collection of 2 lentils in black and pale green with an abstract pattern.
The beads are smoothly etched, and left  with  black lines on the green beads shiny for some extra contrast. 
Would look great in a bracelet or necklace.
Color: black, pale green
Size: 20 mm in diameter
A pair of beautiful sea inspired handcrafted glass beads created with reactive silver turquoise glass, fine silver and ivory, with murrini.
Bead size approx 13mm x 14mm - nuggety in shape.
Thank you for being a part of my life journey !


  1. Beautiful selection Solange. These are beads that will really help build inspiration in a designer. I need to detash. It is amazing how stashes build over the years!

  2. They're all so beautiful, why are you letting them go?!? Are you trying to make room for new ones? :) My desk is really cluttered with beads and headpins right now, I wish I had the will power to let some go too....I...just...can't....grrr lol! :))

    Happy New Year, dear friend! xo

  3. So many tempting pretties! My stash is quite modest but I find myself already hoarding the few art or artsy beads I have :)