Saturday, September 5, 2020

Cowries series

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Never has such a small object been so important and powerful!
Although the cowrie has been used as currency and an object of exchange as far back as 13th century in China, its use was not only limited to monetary functions.  It is also used for spiritual practices and is said to have powers over fertility.  It is also found in decoration of: ceremonial objects, clothes, buttons, and even attached as decorations on our braids to make ourselves more beautiful. 
 Cowries have always been part of my culture and so it was quite natural to integrate it into my creations.  I feel connected to the cowries.  Even beyond cowries, I feel deeply connected to all those little things that have been part of my existence and that have made me the person I am today. I think my jewelry is connected to my memory
The cowries were also used by fortune-tellers to read the future. This is still practiced today, even here in the Western countries.To the wise eye, there are different kinds of cowries. Obviously, the real ones are the ones that are dull, and those are the ones that I have always known. Because later, other more brilliant cowries have appeared on the traditional African markets.  Made in China, it would seem!  Of course these are polished and waxed and some are even dyed.  However, in reality, cowries come mainly from the Maldives, but they are also found in the Pacific Islands. It would be the Arab merchants who would have introduced them in Africa.
Here, in my "cowrie series" the cowrie is used as an object of decoration to promote a feeling of well-being, a spiritual approach to return to my roots.
 The cowries transmit the strength, the power, and the beauty of the oceans along with an anchoring towards the Mother Earth, for better communication and understanding of her.  Through this interaction, both spiritual and aesthetic, it brings peace and pleasure to the soul which helps us feel good with both ourselves, and with others.
These cowries have been carefully selected by me, and my niece's cousin.
Around this series, I associate the cowries with objects that speak to me and some with whom I had a connection to create these unique pieces.  Both for visual and pure beauty, but also for the comfort of the soul.
With you, these cowries will continue to tell their story.

Refine style with these: Nepalese beads + vintage amulet tube

Handmade from dark clay combine into a simple stylish tribal earrings all topped with ammonite gemstones

Adorned with handmade ceramic weathered looking egg shell crackle bead caps, vintage tribal tube,natural linen, wax by me with organic Beeswax

Amazing combination,here with a little dotty triangle ceramic dangle made from soft South African clay.
 If one day you are ever in Brussels, and you are in the mood to visit a museum, stop at the museum of  bank.  There, you will find cowries on display to show one of the many forms of money that was used long ago.   Back in the old days a bank would have been full of cowries. 

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