Saturday, October 1, 2016

Venturing onto unknown field. Soldering beads and Head Pins Part I

I have always wanted to make something of my own (beads, chains, shape copper sheets...) that I can include on my finished handmade jewelry. 
Of course just wanting to make something doesn't mean you can! 
A few years ago (about 4-5 years), I bought 3 tutorials and 2 of them were about soldering tins and copper sheet. I painstakingly studied them.  I bought and even ordered some of the supplies that were needed. 
But for some reason there was always something missing, something else that needed to be ordered from the other side of the Atlantic!
I could have started it anyway, but something else kept holding me back and now 5 years have passed.  
I think, I was scared that I would not succeed so I let the little voice inside my head win that party! 
I could no longer accept it. So lately, by meeting some people who motivated me, I tried several things.  I finally tried the soldering and I will tell ya...I am so happy I did because the result is not bad at all.  Especially for my first time! 

I am selling what I made for others to use into their projects.

I will also start slowly to sell some of my other stuffs, because I am dealing with some health issues. It is becoming hard for me to work on my jewelry, and when I do, I am so much in pain.  So as a result, my small business is suffering and I can't spend as much time on it. 
So, if you need something here or any of my other beads,  please let me know! 

Czech glass and vintage glass beads tranform into head pins for your pleasure.

Here are Ocean Jasper Pendant and earrings, Antique green kyanite and moss agate gemstone Earring
that I soldered to be used as they are, or on your own creative way.

Rhodocrotie drop and crab agate, I turned into headpins

Raw Citrine crystals included with Goethite boughs and Amethyst gemstone soldered into headpins.

It was a long painful process due to my condition but I enjoyed making them with love and care!
I have protected each of the items that I made with renaissance wax so that it will be more durable and protected from the elements.  
Like always, thank you so much for stopping by.  
Merci beaucoup 


  1. Awesome post, Solange!! You did it, you conquered your soldering fear!! :)) Stunning results, keep it up! xoxo

  2. Your new findings are gorgeous Solange! I particularly love your use of the raw gems in the last photo. It feels good when you overcome hesitation that makes you think you can not do something. Confidence it key! I hope you are back to being better soon. Sending my well wishes you way. :)