Sunday, October 16, 2016


I am still undecided about my photo background.
I really like the one I am using: It's coconut tree bark, I collected it in Ghana and brought it all the way from there!
The problem is that it is too small for necklaces and bracelets.
Anyway, I love the warmth that wood brings to the pieces.
I am trying out this backgroung with a piece of driftwood for a little touch of nature, which I think is okay but my daughter loves it!

I made a simple yet sophisticated pair of earrings with my rustic kyanite soldered head pins with a large lightweight horn,that I have had in my bead stash for a very longtime. I can't believe, I have finally used them. It is time to let them go to find a new home and start a new story!

I enhanced the soldered rustic kyanite head pins, with large flat cylindrical horn beads along with orange czech glass beads and then topped off with blue seed beads.This pair of earrings have a vibe of a warm autumnal day.  

And will certainly brighten someone's life.

A Simple design with a lightweight domed brass circle, on which I dangled my rustic kyanite soldered head pins. Again, I bought the domed brass circle nearly a decade ago, if you can believe it!  It's a simple design with beads that beautifully complement each other. 

They are ready for another Journey

Exquise and Confident!

Like always, thank you so much for stopping by.  
Merci beaucoup 


  1. Beautiful pairings! I love the simple, yet dramatic design with those fantastic headpins. The bark is lovely. It looks great as a natural accent in your photos.

  2. Magnifiques! L'association du orange et du bleu, du transparent, brillant et mat est parfaite!