Monday, May 11, 2015

Caribbean Inspired. A tribute To L'Ile aux Belles Eaux!!!. Karukera

I have been making a few earrings and necklaces recently, inspired by my life in the caribbean.
Back there I was a commercial traveler for one of the dictionary publishers.  Everyday, after I drove my daughter to kindergarten at 7am (yes we used to start very early because of the traffic and also because of the very hot weather in the afternoon), I would drive around my favorite part of the island.  Sometimes when I didn't have any particular appointment with: school directors, the museum, or library, I would go off the main roads and most of the time I found a very dreamy place to sit and contemplate, or just soak up the beautiful scenery.  
One of my lovely customers, which later became my friend, had a house on the coast of the caribbean sea.  When sitting on her porch, you could see the other islands, Les Saintes and Marie Galante.  Sometimes when I was on this part of the island, I would visit her.  We would sit there on her porch and drink our iced cold lemonade and water.  It was so beautiful and relaxing.  
Another scenic imagery that I draw inspiration from was along one of the main tourist road called "La Route de la Traversée" on which I would often see the volcano of Montserrat ( A British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean)  erupt and spew its volcanic ash high into the air.   
We had a great time there but we needed to move on and move forward.  

                                                                             The BaHaMaS

                                 Of course, like most island blue, emerald, green and flowers were part of our life

                                                                           The PurPle Garden.

 VinTaGe CheVroN

                               Rainbow blue Mystic Titanium AB Quartz, Seed Beads and Handmade Ceramics.

 Everyday wear Earrings. Vintage Roman glass, Amazonite, African Turquoise gemstones, Handmade African lost wax brass and Handmade lampwork headpins and Criffles- crusty rustic lampwork discs with riffles.


  1. Congratulations on your new blog name. It's fun to see some of my pieces still showing up in your work. Those Bahamas set are stunning. I hope you are well! Kim

  2. What beautiful pieces which must evoke so much memory in your heart, Solange :)