Wednesday, October 25, 2017


I made a bunch of earrings, since my last post.
Beautiful evocative pieces, full of character and little details.
In a certain way, my  jewelry is  connected to my memories.  An item of jewelry, where every pieces has its own story.
Today's designs take us to Morocco, where you will find yourself stroll the souk and the medina, enjoy beautiful landscapes, between the warm mediterranean blue sea and mountains, through magical green valleys of scenic geoligical spectacle and fertile plains, desert plateaus and oasis; or simply ride a camel in the hot sand dunes.
This marvelous land will not reveal its secrets until you are confident, but for that, you have to take the time to meet the wonderful local people, who have a great sense of welcome !
Let these beauties be yours, and be the star of your own story.  You will not have to tell much, for your beautiful earrings will become the subject of the conversation. They will continue to speak the rich story behind them and you will be amazed how we are all connected to each other.
Beautiful vintage old  individually hand made in Morocco in  old fashioned  methods as the well as the tools  used to make these beads. As you can see, they are not perfect, so  expect some imperfection that contributes to their uniqueness which separates them from factory made items, modern handmade lampwork fossilized canyon trail headpins, and beads with  pretty browns and ivory, moss green and a hint of terracotta on a transparent base.
Hollow bicone shaped Moroccan Berber rustic silver beads made individually, by hand, with old tools and techniques that show some wear such as knicks on the metal. There are some imperfections which make them more unique and add  mystery to their story, such as  where they have travelled to, who wore them, before me, etc... Combined with the new handmade fossilized sand headpins that have a rough texture but also are partially etched and have a very little bit of shine.
Soldered Phantom quartz and oxydized by me. Vintage Moroccan Resin Beads, light topaz
Czech glass with a sbtule rose pink glow shines from within these captivating faceted beads.
Very elegant and awesome combination of color!  Handmade lampwork beads and  hammered metal ethnic silver from Turkey.

Please visit my shop as I have a lot of new designs that I am trying to list everyday.  I have distanced myself from Instagram for the moment because I find it very distracting, keeping me from doing all the things I need to accomplish. But I promise I will be back very soon. So check in on my shop often as there will be new listings daily.  Thank you.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by.  
Merci beaucoup.


  1. So good to hear from you again. These are Beautiful works of art��

  2. Ohhh, they all look magical!! Stay inspired, my friend:) xo

  3. Beads with a story add such a character to a piece of jewelry! The earrings have that unbeatable vintage feel about them! And I love the combination of rustic and elegant elements!

  4. These are all such beauties. Morocco seems like a great place of inspiration although I have yet to visit there. Someday! I love those hammered components from Turkey in the last pair. Social media is so distracting. I cut back to every other day and feel like I get so much more done on those the days I don't touch it.