Sunday, April 30, 2017

La planète bleue

This mini series was created in homage to our planet earth, also known as the blue planet. For two-thirds of the surface of the earth is covered with water.
It is blue like the oceans.
I love blue and all the shades that go with it. Even though blue is considered a cold color, this color gives me a lot of joy and happiness. Blue is so refreshing !
Color of communication and serenity. Intuitive color, harmony and meditative . Blue is associated with the throat chakra.
I wanted to publish this for the International Earth Day, but the elements did not see it that way. 😊
After all, we have to celebrate this beauty that is our earth every day.

I couldn't have found a better component to complement these fabulous handmade ceramic dangles than these handmade intricate mosaic patterned Tibetan bead.  It is inlaid with coral and turquoise beads in white brass.  This outstanding pair of earrings is sure to be worn again and again !
They are just waiting for you to whisper the story behind them ! Submerge yourself into the rich Tibetan and African culture.

These completely unique components turquoise aged brass have been heat treated with chestnut brown patina, given a wash of dark blue and speckled with verdigris!
This pair of earrings makes me think of a river or an Island with islets. The blue and green colours are reminiscent of looking upon the earth surface from space. :)

Awesome combination on these earrings that take the wearer from Asia to Africa. All topped with gorgeous tiny round sea breeze ocean chalcedony.

Those look like they have been at the bottom of the ocean for years.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by.  
Merci beaucoup. :)


  1. Beautiful series Solange. They make me think of tropical oceans and warm weather. You have the prettiest findings as always! :)

  2. Beautiful. I like the "Planet Blue" name for these beautiful creations.

    Thank you