Sunday, February 5, 2017

Gemstone calling!

This week, I was litterally drawn by these gemstones while I was working on something else.
At first, I tried not to hear them but I was so obsessed that I even dreamed of them at night and kept thinking of them night and day. I felt this calling was a sign to return to my soldering adventures. I wanted to test if my skills had progressed since my first attempt.
I don't know how much time I spent making them, but for sure, I put my heart and soul on each of them !
I would like to sell some of them as headpins, for someone to relate their spirit and journey on their own creative way.
I already turned some of them into a pair of earrings. I will share them with you here and later list them on etsy. Just in case, you see something here you want, please let me know.

I know you all are asking yourselves. What is the weird thing in the middle? :)
Well, It's an old bone I collected in the river Thames in London amongst ceramic pipes and beach glass.

An assortment of beautiful earring gemstones.  From left upper row to lower right: Multi-color picasso jasper, butter honey ocean jasper, blue fossil coral, serpentine and another jasper. I don't remember exactly which one of jasper it is!  (Sorry) 
 Ready to wear as they are or I am thinking to embellish them with something else.
On the other hand, I really think of those of you who don't like long earrings.
I am doing my best to make my earring shorter. The truth is that I enjoy to add a lot of small details on each of the design and I always end up with long earrings. :)

Phantom quartz point gemstones

Raw citrine crystals with lovely white to amber colour with specs of eggplant color sprays on some of them.

Wild and rough-cut rustic blue Kyanite gemstones to use in your unchecked designs. 

Handmade yellow ceramic dangles, small drops poppy jasper and bone I collected in the river Thames in London.

 Mystic titanium AB quartz crystal point rocks.

I have protected each of the items that I made with renaissance wax so that it will be more durable and protected from the elements.

Like always, thank you so much for stopping by.  
Merci beaucoup. :)


  1. Beautiful work Solange! I love the overall rustic look like they are relics of the past. Bone is an interesting thing to find. You created such a cool piece with it! That jasper may be leopardskin. It can have that vibrant orange in it. Jasper is so amazing where is varies so much in colors and markings.