Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Summer Collection Next!

Normally, I like to work in silence but from time to time, I like to listen to my favorite music which is Jazz but sometimes I found myself listening to some other musicians, I really really like. This time, Jerry Garcia smooth voice were calling me and I was really inspired by him and his voice, not to mention, when he played his guitar. It's so gracious, so deep, so wonderful. You lose yourself in Jerry's music!
Nostalgia of San Francisco and the good old times!!!

I think, my Instagram friends will recognize the heavy gauge salvaged copper wire I shaped and oxydized on which I dangled spiny oyster beads that I bought on our way to Monument Valley.  I added primitive, rustic,  lampwork beads below a vintage soldered bulb.

When I came acrossed these lovely leopard skin stones, it remind me of a modern art painting!
Nothing can beat Mother Nature's art, that is for sure!
These have beautiful splash of many colors: orange, purple, burgundy, red with hues of navy blue in this leopard skin jasper.  They are simply wire wrapped with recycled sari silk fiber, adorned with Indonesian recycled glass and lava beads.

I started this pair of earrings with handmade ceramic buds in a unique shape with a transparent oriental greenish blue glaze.  Topped with pastel lilac beads and adorned with Tibetan bone, an unusual ruffle spiral lampwork discs in shades of blue and aqua, then beautiful purple sugared beads and finished with charoite gemstone beads.  

Simplicity is needed here because of these huge Serpentine gemstone, I simply topped it with rhinestones, African turquoise, yellow topaz and  my signature copper wire wrapping.  

As always, Thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. They are all absolutely beautiful Solange! You know, I've never listened to Jerry Garcia's music in any purposeful way, but I'm intrigued. I should give it a listen. If the inspiration I see here is any indication, it must be wonderful! xo

  2. Gorgeous designs Solange. I love the heavy wire work on the first pair. Very cool! Jaspers have always been a favorite of mine with their variety of colors and marking. I will have to listen to Jerry Garcia's music. There are so many artists I love and still listen to old fashioned CDs of! These days I find myself tuning in on classical music which relaxes and inspires me.

  3. Beautiful, your Spring/Summer collection looks amazing so far!<3 You are the first artist featured on my blog, love your work. Stay inspired!! xoxo