Saturday, September 12, 2015

Summer In Norway, The powerful Language of Elements. Part Two

As we went from one hotel to another everyday, we came across some very wonderful people. Our way of traveling, we luckily  meet  people of the country and we try to understand the "country" through them by taking our time to talk to them and listen very carefully what they have to say. By listening to them, we learned more about the country than "having our head into our guidebook"
that's our concept of traveling.
We were very Lucky to go outside the tourist main roads and hiked some trails, we only met Norwegians.


  1. what a beautiful way to experience another country. not by following a book, buy by following your heart! making connections with people and nature. you must feel refilled and refreshed by the nature and time with your family. xo

  2. Wow!!!! Wonderful photos from a spectacular country. ☺🙌 Very beautiful Solange!!!